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Dear Honorable [Consulate Official’s Name],

I hope this letter finds you in good health. I am writing to you today with a sense of deep concern and urgency regarding the dire situation faced by Ukrainian children who are currently being held by the Russian government. As a representative of our nation’s consulate, I kindly request your assistance and intervention to address this pressing humanitarian matter.

It has come to our attention that a number of Ukrainian children have been separated from their families and are being held in internment camps within Russian territory. This separation is not only causing immense suffering to the children but is also raising significant concerns about their well-being, their access to education, and the possibility of indoctrination.

I kindly request your assistance in the following matters:

1. Accountability for Each Adopted Child: It is essential to verify the whereabouts and well-being of each Ukrainian child adopted by Russian families. We need your assistance to ensure that they are living in safe and nurturing environments and are not subjected to any form of abuse, neglect, or undue influence.

2. Transparency Regarding Youth Internment Camps: We urge you to work with relevant Russian authorities to gain access to these internment camps, assess the conditions, and confirm the identities and well-being of the Ukrainian children detained within them.

3. Oversight of So Called ‘Educational Programs’: We are deeply concerned about the ‘educational materials and curriculum’ (Russian imperial propaganda) being taught to Ukrainian children within these internment camps. We request your assistance in monitoring these indoctrination programs to ensure they do not promote further damage to these Ukrainian youth.

4. Quick Repatriation: Our utmost priority is the safe and swift repatriation of these Ukrainian children to their home country, where they can be reunited with their families and reintegrated into Ukrainian society.

The well-being and future of these children are of paramount importance, and we believe that your consulate can play a crucial role in ensuring their safety, security, and return to their families.

I kindly request an audience with you or an appropriate representative from your consulate to discuss this matter in more detail. We believe that, through collaborative efforts, we can make significant progress in addressing this critical issue and promoting the welfare of these Ukrainian children.

I extend my sincere gratitude for your attention to this urgent request. Your consulate’s involvement is instrumental in achieving accountability and securing the safe return of these innocent children.

Please feel free to contact me at [Your Phone Number] or [Your Email Address] to arrange a meeting or discuss any further details. Your immediate consideration and action on this matter are greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your dedication to humanitarian causes and your commitment to assisting those in need.


[Your Name]