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The Georgian Dream government is pushing forward a legislation aimed at targeting organizations with foreign ties, mandating them to register as “Foreign Agents,” mirroring the controversial law enacted in Russia in 2012. This move threatens to stifle civil society in Georgia and undermine the nation’s aspirations to align with Europe, imperiling its journey towards a more vibrant democracy. The very essence of Georgia’s democratic future hangs in the balance!

Additionally, the Georgian Dream government has authorized the use of police force against peaceful demonstrators since March 7th, 2023, with these oppressive measures persisting. Employing pepper spray, tear gas, water cannons, and engaging in unlawful arrests and detentions against peaceful protesters flagrantly violates their fundamental rights to protest and free expression. The party refiled the bill on April 3, 2024 and again protesters hit the streets to push back and on April 15, 2024 gathered to resists.

The time for decisive action is now! It is imperative to impose sanctions on this government, targeting individuals who endorse the advancement of such regressive legislation. Bidzina Ivanishvili, the party’s founder and a Russian oligarch, holds significant assets and property in the United States. Many other members and officials of the Georgian Dream party also possess assets, properties, and ties to the U.S. Such individuals do not deserve the privileges afforded by the United States if they mistreat their own populace in this manner! Their assets must be frozen, their properties seized – they must face consequences for their actions!


1. Barvenashvili Giorgi MP

2. Benashvili Gia MP

3. Irakli Dachi Beraia MP

4. Rima Beradze MP

5. Maia Bitadze MP

6. Anzor Bolkvadze MP

7. Eliso Bolkvadze MP

8. Maka Bochorishvili MP

9. Elguja Gotsiridze MP

10. Beka Davituliani MP

11. Aleksandre Dalakishvili MP

12. Zaur Dargali MP

13. Isko Daseni MP

14. Zaal Dugladze MP

15. Avtandil Enukidze MP

16. Gocha Enukidze MP

17. Gia Volski MP

18. Irma Zavradashvili MP

19. Irakli Zarkua MP

20. Archil Talakvadze MP

21. Edisher Toloraia MP

22. Rati Ionatamishvili MP

23. Fridon Injia MP

24. Davit Kacharava MP

25. Lado Kakhadze MP

26. Giorgi Kakhiani MP

27. Kaxi Kakhishvili MP

28. Paata Kvizhinadze MP

29. Baia Kvitsiani MP

30. Irakli Kircxalia MP

31. Sumbat Kiureghian MP

32. Levan Kobiashvili MP

33. Resan Kontselidze MP

34. Mariam Laskhi MP

35. Zaza Lominadze MP

36. Davit Matikashvili MP

37. Samvel Manukiani MP

38. Levan Machavariani MP

39. Guram Macharashvili MP

40. Levan Mgaloblishvili MP

41. Irakli Mezurnishvili MP

42. Gogi Meshveliani MP

43. Irakli Medzmariashvili MP

44. Salavan Mirzoevi MP

45. Givi Miqanadze MP

46. Zaal Miqeladze MP

47. Imeda Nikuradze MP

48. Anton Obolashvili MP

49. Beka Odisharia MP

50. Anri Okhanashvili MP

51. Shalva Papuashvili MP

52. Gela Samkharauli MP

53. Dimitri Samkharadze MP

54. Viktor Sanikidze MP

55. Eka Sepashvili MP

56. Davit Songhulashvili MP

57. Giorgi Sosiashvili MP

58. Sozar Subari MP

59. Aleksandre Tabatadze MP

60. Nodar Turdzeladze MP

61. Irakli Kadagishvili MP

62. Levan Qarumidze MP

63. Merab Qvaraia MP

64. Salome Qurasbediani MP

65. Aluda Ghudushauri MP

66. Mikheil Yavelashvili MP

67. Tengiz Sharmanashvili MP

68. Irakli Shatakishvili MP

69. Giorgi Chakvetadze MP

70. Goderdzi Chankseliani MP

71. Ketevan Charkviani MP

72. Vasil Chigogidze MP

73. Giorgi Tsagareishvili MP

74. Bejan Tsikadze MP

75. Nino Tsilosani MP

76. Khatia Tsilosani MP

77. Greta tsitsava MP

78. Givi tchitchinadze MP

79. Shota kharabeli MP

80. Giorgi khakhubia MP

81. Dimitri Khundadze MP

82. Viktor Japaridze MP

83. Salome Jinjolava MP