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Interview with Onisyia Sinyuk of the Zmina Human Rights Center and the report of torture in Kupyansk

After the Zmina Human Rights Center released their new report, I had a conversation with researcher Onisyia Sinyuk on the findings in the report.

“The purpose of this report is a detailed study of the illegal detention of civilians in the temporary detention centre of the Kupiansk district police department.

The document singles out the categories of persons who were subjected to illegal detention, analyzes the circumstances and grounds of such detention, the conditions of stay in the illegal place of detention, as well as serious violations of international humanitarian law committed against the victims, in particular torture or other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment. The study also analyzes the consequences of illegal detention for the physical and mental health of victims. The report contains a number of recommendations for investigating and bringing perpetrators to justice.”