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Kyiv attacked by Russia on New Years Eve 2022

Russia launched more salvos at the capitol of Ukraine on New Year’s Eve. The strikes killed one person and injured over 20 others. In Pechersk district, the strike hit the Alfavito hotel, resulting in the injury of a Japanese journalist. Disinformation accounts working the Russian narratives claimed it was secretly a NATO building. NatSecMedia can independently verify this claim is absurd. The injured Japanese journalist was treated at a local hospital and was in good shape upon departure.

Local buildings had windows blown out and debris was scattered for over 100 meters away from the impact zone. Pechersk has been hit twice in just a few days and was hit with a strike back in November. Ukrainian military stated that Russia launched 20 missiles on Saturday afternoon. The military said some were launched from Tu-95MS bombers and that attacks came from both land and sea sources.

Electricity in parts of the city were interrupted again but largely the city has had improved service despite the increase in airstrikes against the capitol. 


After the air strikes on New Years hit Kyiv, the local community came out to clean. Led by the Los Solomas group, the people in the community gathered to clear debris and work together to restore their neighborhood.