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Terror attack on Vinnytsia by Russia kills 25

On July 14, 2022, around 11 am, Kalibr missiles, launched from a Russian submarine in the Black Sea hit Vinnytsia in west central Ukraine and killed at least 24 people including three children. Over 117 others were injured.

While there were two missiles shot down by air defenses, three missiles struck the city center. It destroyed a historic performance hall called the Officers’ House, and the nearby Yuvileyny Holding building and damaged at least 50 vehicles, some with occupants inside.

Serhiy Gaidysh, chief of the pyrotechnic unit of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine, said, “After the extraction and initial identification of the ammunition elements, it was preliminarily established that the missile strike was inflicted by missiles of the Caliber type, marking 3M1 14E. The initial weight of the missile is 1,770 kg, the length of the missile is 6 m 20 cm. The warhead is 450 kg.

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Among those killed was a 4-yr old girl named Liza who died in the street. Her mother, Ira, was severely injured and has lost her leg. It was noted that Liza had Down Syndrome. Her mother had just published video to social media of little Liza as she was headed to a speech therapist. After the attack photos showing a lifeless Liza and blood everywhere were posted on Instagram by the Ukrainian First Lady, Olena Zelenska. Zelenska said, “Russia is a terrorist state. World, you should see it and realize it. After all, grief, crime and terrorism cannot be defeated simply by hiding it.”

Another child killed was 7-yr old named Maksym Zharii, along with his mother, Viktoriya Rekuta of Mala Mochukla, who died in the Neurmed office. Two employees from Neurmed clinic were killed. Kateryna Gula and Tetyana Kharchenko and Nataliya Anatoliivna Falshtynska. Additionally, Neurmed employee Pavlo Vasylovich Kovalchuck was seriously wounded.

The third child killed was 8-yr old Cyril Pyakhin who died in a car at the the center of the strike. His uncle was seriously injured in the blast. Cyril was displaced to Vinnytsia from Kherson in April.

An employee from the Privat Bank named Alina Kysil, 25 yr old was killed. Viktor Polishchuk was killed, announced by musician, Oleh Skrypka. Sound engineer, Evgeny Kovalenko was working at the Officers’ House with the Lviv based music group, Roxolana.


The “Officers’ House” was devastated. According to Serhii Borzov, the head of the Vinnytsia Military Administration, the building will be

Regarding the Officers’ House:
what will be demolished and what will remain?

After being hit by a missile, the building is in a state of emergency. This is the conclusion of the State Emergency Service.

After examination by specialists, a decision was made to dismantle the debris.

We are not talking about the demolition of the entire object, but about the dismantling of emergency structures where it is dangerous.

The officers’ house survived the Second World War.
Endure this one too – it has already become a symbol of Vinnytsia’s resilience.

I visited local neighbors whose house was in the immediate blast zone to ask them about their experience. They showed me through the house which was seriously damaged by the blast wave. Lateral cracks were all through the house and much of the ceiling material had collapsed. They said the home had survived two world wars and now Putin had done this damage.